Remarketing Campaigns

  • Elicit business from existing leads & website visitors
  • No contracts, a month-to-month basis

Direct Benefits:

Get more callbacks

Get your ad noticed 13X more compared to a custom campaign. Potential leads in your desired postal walk will see your banner ads and social media ads on all their devices.

Leads more receptive on the phone

Leads heard of you, because they’ve seen your ads. This breaks the ice when you reach out to start a conversation.

Tiny budget goes a long way

Just a small budget will keep your ads in front of your leads for 365 days a year.

Month-to-month. No strings attached. Cancel anytime.

Ads shown on mobile, tablet & desktop

Marketing consultation included

Choose Where Your Ad Appears

Your ads will appear anywhere Google ads appear (90% of the internet covered by Google's Display Network).

Both Plans Include Monthly PDF Report From Google

Impressions, clicks, plus 20+ more metrics

Your cost per lead

Geographic location of visitors

Common Questions

  • Can I segregate my list?

    Segregate your list and deliver a tailored message to each audience. Remarket different parts of you list to different channels.

  • What if I don't know my lead's email?

    Once a lead visits one of the 3 websites Search Realty provides you, they will start seeing your ads across the internet.

  • Who makes the ads?

    We do! In our sign-up form, you can upload a photo, upload a logo, add some information about you and your ad is ready for the Internet. This will be followed by a marketing consultation to ensure we’re delivering the right message to your client base. There are 6-9 sizes per ad campaign.

  • How often do you upload my leads database?

    Once a week we download your database so all your leads and past clients will see your brand, everywhere they go on the internet.

  • Do you guarantee Remarketing results?

    No. The success of your remarketing efforts will depend on the quality of your leads and how well you're working them. All we can guarantee is that the leads you target will see your ad. If you need to generate new leads, try a Custom Campaign instead.

  • Can I choose more than one channel?

    You have to choose one channel per order (e.g., just YouTube or just 90% Of Internet). You can order multiple Farmer campaigns to cover all the channels.

  • Do I need to have a website?

    We create 3 pages for all our agents that you can use for your ad listings.

  • Do I always get a stats report?

    For 90% Of Internet ads, you get a Google report. For YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, stats are available on request.

  • How does billing work?

    Pay at the beginning of the month for each month of service. You can pay online via FreshBooks invoice, VISA/Mastercard, or email transfer.

  • What's the recommended ad budget?

    We recommend a budget of $ASK/month per 1,000 contacts in your leads database. The higher your budget, the more times your ad will appear.