Park Your Real Estate License

Keep Your License Active & Your Fees Low.

Need to take some time off from selling? Or maybe you’re just tired of paying exorbitant Board fees as a part-time agent? You don’t have to let go of your license or continue to struggle. Instead, park your license with Search Realty!

We understand that as your circumstances change, so do your needs. That’s why we offer Real Estate Parking Services to provide agents with flexibility and affordability to help keep their options open. When parking your license, you are NOT required to pay CREA, OREA or any MLS Board Fees!

Why Park Your License With Us?


Get The Flexibility You Want

You’ve put the work and money into getting your Real Estate license. And, even though your circumstances may have changed, it doesn’t mean that the skills and expertise you’ve acquired over the years have. So why throw away something that you’ve worked so hard to earn? Many agents, like you, utilize this service to park their license temporarily or even permanently when they need to, for whatever reason.

Keep your options open when you’re planning to:

  • Semi-Retire
  • Work as a Part-Time Agent
  • Have a baby
  • Go back to school
  • Explore new options
  • Take care of a loved one
  • Move locations

Enjoy Premium Benefits

When you park your license with Search Realty, you get the benefit of keeping your license active with RECO without having to pay board dues or high brokerage desk fees either. Though you won’t have the ability to participate in any board, you will still be able to trade, sell, earn commissions, and refer your business to other agents if you choose.

Keep your options open when you’re planning to:

  • Prevent your license from expiring
  • Avoid costly desk fees and Real Estate Board fees
  • Continue earning commissions on your own transactions
  • Maintain your clients
  • Refer clients and collect a referral fee
  • Get access to admin staff
  • Be kept informed of industry changes and important due dates
  • Enjoy low membership fees

Low Commission Splits And On-Demand Support


We offer the lowest parking memberships that you’ll find in the industry. If you plan to sell with us, you can take advantage of our flexible agent plans and keep your license for only $329/Year or $29/Month  This way you can be as active or inactive as you want – it’s that easy!

Need to submit an offer?
Get access to our licensed admin staff to fully assist you with your offers, waivers and amendments at no additional cost.

Want to submit a deal under a non-parked Search Realty agent?
You can find a Search Realty agent to partner with or you can use one of our preferred Search Realty agents and negotiate a referral fee with one of our preferred Search Realty agents.

Want to grow into a Successful Search Realty agent?

You can still get access to our Leads on Demand system by attending our Search University training program at any time! Search Realty has all the tools, tech and leads to help you grow into a lucrative real estate agent.

Get Your Real Estate License Parked with Search Realty Today!