“…This inventive method uses numerous conventional technologies to automate the process of generating and distributing various types of leads in the field of real estate sales, gathered from online resources.”

Search Realty Announces Patent Pending Technology “Leads On Demand” Designed To Automate Real Estate Lead Generation.

MISSISSAUGA, ON, October 8, 2018 – Search Realty is set to transform the world of real estate as it announces new ground breaking lead generation automation technology.


Search Realty, a top emerging and technology-focused real estate brokerage serving the Greater Toronto Area, is pleased to announce their patent-pending technology Leads On Demand. This simple turnkey solution and innovative program is unlike anything in the industry, automating the process of generating and distributing various types of leads for agents in any denomination, in any city in the world, in any language and in any price range, obtained from online resources.

Conceived by 10-years of research and development, focusing on funnel optimization, this cutting-edge technology has become a key factor in differentiating Search Realty from its competitors. With the ability to generate leads from the bottom of the sales funnel, it provides a more consistent method of lead generation which helps meet the varying demands of the real estate market now and well into the future.

Whether agents are looking for buyers, sellers or commercial clients, they get guaranteed access to as many exclusive, real-time leads as they need on demand, without any shortages, and no matter their location. By significantly reducing the amount of time and money that agents spend pursuing clients, Leads On Demand enables agents to focus solely on their client’s needs, generating better customer support and returns.

This technology delivers guaranteed leads that include:

  • Real-Time clients looking to buy or sell with up to 8 data points
  • Exclusive clients that will not be shared with any other agents or parties
  • Any Type no matter your needs, whether it’s buyers, sellers, or commercial clients
  • Any Location worldwide, in any city or community
  • Any Price range, whether it’s first-time buyers or million-dollar ranges
  • Any Number of leads desired, you can expect your first lead within 24 hours

This highly sought-after technology will be available to Search Reality agents exclusively. Those who have already implemented this system have experienced impressive results and significant growth. “My business continues to grow exponentially with the help of the leads I’ve received through Search Realty!” said Kyle Bridson, a Search Realty agent.

In addition to their lead gen technology, Search Realty is the only real estate agency in the world to be a certified Google Partner, which provides agents with substantial online presence and extensive reach. Agents also gain access to Search University, a specialized training program on how to convert Internet leads and real estate sales while providing productivity tracking and in-house coaching to help agents reach their goals.

Pursuing patent approval of the Leads On Demand system reflects Search Realty’s ongoing commitment to protect its unique and highly innovative approach to the real estate industry.

About Search Realty Corp.:

Connecting home buyers and sellers with Search Realty agents in real-time.

Search Realty is a community-focused, future-facing real estate brokerage that is committed to developing the best tools and technology to serve the evolving needs of today’s home buyers, sellers, and REALTORS®. Through their free leads, zero desk fees, and supportive platform, they offer agents convenient turnkey solutions and flexible plans unlike any other brokerage in the world. All Search Realty agents are fully equipped with productive, time-saving systems to streamline and scale their business.

Search Realty is a proud sponsor for The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, whereby a proceed of each sale contributes towards improving children’s healthcare.


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