Remarketing Advertising

Did you know that conversion rates nearly double among users who visit a website or ad twice?

There is always a much greater chance of winning a client who was just a click away from utilizing your services. That’s why remarketing campaigns are so effective at attracting more clients and business.

When you become a Search Realty agent, we’ll place your personal ads across billions of websites as well as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram to target existing clients and prospective leads, wherever they roam!

Let’s Talk About It

Remarketing Keeps You
Top of Mind

If you’ve ever clicked on an advertisement or website, chances are you’ve probably noticed banner ads for that product or service pop up on relevant sites that you visited afterwards – that’s remarketing!

How It Works

We use cookies to identify online users and prioritize them for your retargeting ads. Then we remarket with Google Display Network to reach 80% of websites online – that’s billions of sites! This means agents don’t have to wait on a chance encounter for landing a potential customer. Instead, a remarketing strategy lets you reach out and reconnect with interested buyers and sellers as they browse online.
As those users continue to weigh their options while seeing your ads pop up in relevant sites, there’s a much greater chance of getting them to return to your website and choose your services for their real estate needs.

Ultimately, remarketing builds brand awareness for you – not the brokerage – which helps turn casual visitors into quality leads.

Example of Agent
Branding Ads

As people browse through Facebook or catch up on the latest news, your face or advertisement will be there to catch their eye.

As soon as someone visits one of the 3 websites that Search Realty provides agents with, that person will continue to see your campaigns across many different platforms, which increases your chances of winning their business!

Example 1

Example 2

Example of Facebook & Instagram Ads

Facebook and Instagram are two of the most popular social media platforms with millions of potential customers waiting to use your services.

By targeting their ad space, agents can easily place listings or their brand in front of the right audience, every time. All that’s required is to segment your lists and deliver the right message.

Example 1

Example 2

Example of YouTube Ads

Nothing is more powerful for connecting with your audience and attracting more business than videos. In fact, YouTube has become the preferred choice today for online learning, advertisements, and viewing listings.

So there’s no better time for agents to take advantage of this platform! Your commercial will be viewed right before an online user clicks through to a YouTube video. And we make it incredibly easy and efficient to create videos with many professional templates to choose from. You pick the message, Search delivers the content!

Example 1

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