Become a Search Realty Recruiter!

Your Opportunity

Not in real estate but love Search Realty, what we stand for and the opportunity we offer to real estate agents? Now you do not have to be in the real estate business to help Search Realty grow!

Refer a real estate agent and get paid for it! You will now have the opportunity to inform all your real estate agent friends and family of the great opportunity that hundreds of agents have found, and get paid for it! Your agent friends can already be established and looking to grow their business or they can be in a situation with no capital or database to grow their business, regardless of the scenario, Search Realty will put them ahead of the competition and allow them to grow their business to unprecedented levels.

Your Compensation

Search Realty will send you 15% commission off everything Search Realty makes per agent you recruit for 12 months. In order to keep receiving the 15% commission each future year, you must recruit at least one more agent every 12 months to extend your residual income by another 12 months and so on. In other words, if you want to receive a residual income for life, you have to recruit at least 1 agent per year to keep it alive, regardless of how many you recruit. For example, you can recruit 20 agents and only have to recruit 1 more per year to reap the financial benefits of all 21 agents.

Payouts occur on a quarterly basis (every 3 months). We will send you a report with all sales your recruited agents have successfully closed. Search Realty can issue payments in form of Electronic Funds Transfer, Cheque, or Email Transfer.



Your Revenue

Search Realty pays out commissions based on what Search Realty earns, rather than what your recruited agent earns, this is the amount you will be compensated on. On average, recruiters will earn $750 per year per agent on 15% payout. Add that up X100 agents, that’s $75,000 per year at 15% payout! The best part is that there is no cap to your earning potential!

Be a Part of Canada’s #1 Fastest Growing Brokerage!

Search Realty Corp. ranks as the #1 Fastest Growing Real Estate Brokerage in Canada and ranks #38 overall on Canadian Business & Maclean’s 2018 Growth500 list of Fastest-Growing Companies.

Be a part of the only Google Partners Certified brokerage and the onlypatent-pending real-time lead gen system in the world!

Get Started Now!

To get started, all you need to do is follow these next 3 steps.

Step #1 – Send your potential recruits this customizable link (see below example) which will give you credit for the recruited agent you refer, should they complete this form to meet with our hiring manager. All you have to do is swap the EnterYourNameHere with your name.



Step #2 – In addition, you can download our one-pager pdf to forward to all your real estate agent friends, family and potential recruits.


Step #3 – Complete the form below to register yourself as an official Search Realty Recruiter! Should you have any questions, please feel free to read our terms and agreements or reach out to us with any questions!

Agent Testimonials

“Joining SR will fast forward your business 5 years ahead of your competition.”

Yossi Kaplan, Sales Representative.

"I've been with Search Realty for 4 years now and I can honestly tell you that this brokerage has provided me more support than all of so called "Big Brand" brokerages that I've worked with in the past. "

Oleh Kobyleckyj, Sales Representative.

Friendly, supportive staff you can ask for help and they get back to you very quickly.

Chemica Anderson , Sales Representative.