Top Producer Promo

3 options for Top Producers, which one will you choose?

Option #1. We’ll Match You Have Now Plus More!

Join Search Realty and we’ll match whatever your current brokerage is offering you, plus we’ll add a couple more goodies your existing brokerage can’t offer. Come book a time and negotiate your own split today! Complete this form and mention Option#1 in comments.


Option #2. Join & Get Your First Year with No Fees!

Join Search Realty, receive 100% commission & pay no fees for your first year! Must show a proven track record of 12 deals closed or more. Excluding transaction fee. Complete this form and mention Option#2 in comments.


Option #3. Have you closed more than 12 ends last year?

Join Search Realty and receive 1 Lead/Month for EACH deal you closed in the previous year!
The following examples are illustrations of how your last year’s closings can increase your next year’s revenue. Complete this form and mention Option#3 in comments.


Example 1

12 Closings Last Year

Join and Receive:
12 Leads / Month
4.32 Additional Closings
$43,200 Additional Gross Income

Example 2

25 Closings Last Year

Join and Receive:
25 Leads / Month
9 Additional Closings
$90,000 Additional Gross Income

Example 3

35 Closings Last Year

Join and Receive:
35 Leads / Month
12.6 Additional Closings
$126,000 Additional Gross Income

Closings and Gross Income in the examples are on an annual basis using a 3% conversion rate and $10,000 average commission per end. Average commissions vary depending on your market. Agents must produce a minimum 2% conversion rate after the first year to maintain the free lead status. Top Producer leads are on an 80/20 split. The amount of free leads provided is based on previous years transactions, excluding leases.

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