Frequently Asked Questions

What's the split on my own business?

There is a separate split on your leads up to a 95/5 split and separate splits on leads provided by Search Realty up to 80/20. Working Search Realty leads is completely optional.

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What’s the split on Search Realty leads?

80/20 split on any Search Realty leads purchased by you.

60/40 split on any free leads provided by Search Realty.

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What’s the split for my own leads sourced from my own advertising?

Up to 95/5 split on personal (Self Generated) leads.

What are Search Realty’s brokerage fees?

Plan options starting from $0/month or $198/month.

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What's the split on my own (personal) deals?

If you buy or sell your own property for yourself, the split is 100% to you.

What is Leads on Demand program?

PATENT PENDING No. 62/683,189

The inventive method uses various conventional technologies to automate the
process of generating and distributing various types of leads, in the field of real
estate sales, in any denomination, in any city in the world, in any language and in
any price range, sourced from online resources.

Leads are guaranteed to be: 
– Real i.e. real phone number, email and name
– Exclusive, it will not be shared with any other parties
– In the cities requested
– In the quantum requested

Does Search Realty really provide leads?

Yes! We offer both free and paid lead options to suit your business model. We utilize a proprietary lead gen system that can scale and deliver leads ‘on demand’ in any amount and in any areas requested by our agents.

Our leads are proven to convert with 1 in 20 closing. Search Realty leads are received in real time, are guaranteed to be; real, can be requested in any location, and you receive exclusive lifetime rights and exclusivity to any purchased lead.

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Why are Search Realty leads superior to other brokerage leads?

The difference between other brokerages providing leads vs. Search Realty is that with Search Realty you can request for example 50 buyer leads in C01 and 20 in Richmond Hill every month Vs. Getting a lead here-and-there from other brokerages, which is likely not enough make a living from yet alone meeting your financial goals.

We work backwards from your goals for example if you want to make $250,000 this year, together, we will determine how many leads you will need to get to this goal. You cannot achieve this level of business planning with other brokerage’s giving you a lead here-and-there. We build agents’ businesses from scratch and increase agents already existing business to the next level.

Being a certified Google Partner gives Search Realty access to an endless supply of leads. As long as Google, Yahoo, Bing or Facebook are around, there will continue to be real estate leads, more than enough to support thousands of agents new or existing businesses.

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How long will Search Realty’s lead generation system last for?

As long as Google, Yahoo, or Bing is around, we’ll still be generating high quality leads to all our agents.

Are your leads qualified? Are they good quality?

Our Leads on Demand program provides leads that are proven to convert and close at the highest rates. The leads come in with more data points and saved property searches ready to go. We will guarantee the leads to be real and we will replace any that are not. Leads are distribution is delivered automatically using a lead routing system. We do not scrub or pre-qualify the leads prior to dispersing the leads out.

What communities or cities do you provide leads for?

The way we generate leads, being the only brokerage to be a certified Google Partner, means we can generate leads in any community or city in Canada within 24 hours. For now, we’ll start with Southern Ontario, however note, we are setup to generate leads in any city in the world!

What if there’s not enough leads to go around in my desired locations?

There are many ways to generate leads. We will first exhaust all our resources before we inform our agents we’re capped out in a specific city or location. Currently Search Realty generates 500 to 1000 leads per month and we’ve only scratched the surface. Note, that leads in a specific city or location will be congruent with the population in those selected locations. If your desired city has a population of 5,000 people, chances of getting as many leads for a city with a population of 1,000,000 will not be likely. We will however let new agents know if their desired city has already been exhausted, however, according to Google Ads stats, we’ve only reached 5% of the total potential leads that can be generated currently, in the cities we’re generating leads for.

Does Search Realty offer training, support, mentoring, coaching?

Yes!  Whether you are a new agent or seasoned vet, our Search University program is an opportunity to learn from the best through a series of courses and step-by-step manual on how to convert online leads.

We are a full service and full support brokerage. Training and coaching are included. We have developed a state of the art program designed to maximize your conversion, help you manage your time, and become a better agent.

Our 4 mandatory courses cover scripts, lead protocol and consumer behaviour. All taught in our 6 week Search University program available in class or online.

Productivity tracking is also available through SRC’s CRM in order to measure your activities and stay on track to hitting your goals.

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Does Search Realty offer any free tools or marketing?


Free online tools include:

  • #1 Rated CRM to Call, SMS & Email Leads
  • Receive 3 Personal/Lead Gen Websites
  • Receive SR’s Google Business Apps (Full Suite)
  • New e-Signature App (Offers & Contracts)
  • Mobile Apps for All Applications
  • Personalized Property Match System
  • EasyOffer, IMS & Email Fax
  • Your Listing Lead Gen Bundle: Listed on 5000+ sites, Video creation, Classified & Social Media Ads & more.

Free offline tools include:

  • Hands-on Training via Search University
  • Search Realty, Luxury & SickKids Branding
  • 500 Business Cards & For Sale Signs
  • 24 Hour Book & Confirm Call Centre
  • SR Buyer & Listing Presentations
  • 2 Coaches & 2 Managers on duty
  • Social Media Set-up & Posting
  • Access to MLS Boards: Oakville, Milton, Kitchener, Cambridge & More Coming.
Can Search Realty assist with my personal brand marketing?

Yes! Being the only brokerage in Canada to be a trusted Google Partner allows Search Realty to implement proven-by-Google marketing tactics for our agents.  This allows our agents to yield higher commission, retain clients, build a brand and not to mention generate leads on demand! Click here for more details.

Does Search Realty offer office space?

Yes, Search Realty offers 6 office locations across the GTA which include Mississauga, Toronto, North York, Richmond Hill, Oakville and Kitchener.

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Do you offer a Parked Licensed option?

Yes we do. Here are the details.

Parked Agent Split for Non MLS Members
$0/Month & 90/10 Split + $349/Deal
$28.88/Month – No apps, cards, or leads
or $248/Year (save 28%)

Note, parked agents cannot participate in SR Lead Gen Programs nor have access to our software suite.

Parked Licensed and need to submit an offer?
Our admin staff for an additional 15%. This includes waivers and amendments.

Parked Licensed and want to submit a deal under a non-parked Search Realty agent?
You can find a Search Realty agent to partner with or you can use one of our preferred Search Realty agents for a 25% referral fee to our preferred Search Realty agent.

Agents do not have to be a member to any real estate board via our Richmond Hill location.

For more details, visit www.SearchRealtyCareers.com/parked-agent-plans

Is there a long-term commitment required?

We believe in our services and do not believe in keeping anyone where they are not happy and unproductive. We do not require a time commitment or any type of “tied-in” contracts from our agents with no penalties upon termination either.

How much does this all cost?

Both our agent plans (Self Generated Clients) and lead plans (Search Realty Clients) have a free and paid packages. Either plan, we still provide you with the tools, support, and LEADS required for your success. We also have Pay-Per-Lead options to build your business at your own pace. (contact us to arrange a private consultation).

Can I schedule an appointment to learn more about Search Realty?

You can book a consultation with our hiring manager online here.