Yes we do. Here are the details.

Parked Agent Split for Non MLS Members
$0/Month & 90/10 Split + $349/Deal
$28.88/Month – No apps, cards, or leads
or $248/Year (save 28%)

Note, parked agents cannot participate in SR Lead Gen Programs nor have access to our software suite.

Parked Licensed and need to submit an offer?
Our admin staff for an additional 15%. This includes waivers and amendments.

Parked Licensed and want to submit a deal under a non-parked Search Realty agent?
You can find a Search Realty agent to partner with or you can use one of our preferred Search Realty agents for a 25% referral fee to our preferred Search Realty agent.

Agents do not have to be a member to any real estate board via our Richmond Hill location.

For more details, visit www.SearchRealtyCareers.com/parked-agent-plans