The difference between other brokerages providing leads vs. Search Realty is that with Search Realty you can request for example 50 buyer leads in C01 and 20 in Richmond Hill every month Vs. Getting a lead here-and-there from other brokerages, which is likely not enough make a living from yet alone meeting your financial goals.

We work backwards from your goals for example if you want to make $250,000 this year, together, we will determine how many leads you will need to get to this goal. You cannot achieve this level of business planning with other brokerage’s giving you a lead here-and-there. We build agents’ businesses from scratch and increase agents already existing business to the next level.

Being a certified Google Partner gives Search Realty access to an endless supply of leads. As long as Google, Yahoo, Bing or Facebook are around, there will continue to be real estate leads, more than enough to support thousands of agents new or existing businesses.

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